Training on tour

Many athletes spend weeks on tour around the world, jumping from tournament to tournament. Thousands of kilometres away from their usual practice grounds, how can they continue their training?

In response to this problem, the organisers of the events prepare halls where the players can continue their preparation for the tournament they are playing or practice for the next one.

These spaces also work as a last step for the players to adapt to the conditions in which the tournament to be played will be held.

In the case of the Madrid Spain Masters by Iberdrola, the organisers have prepared two training areas. On the one hand, the Practice Hall, a venue on the same street where the event will be held, which has eight courts. On the other hand, the Main Hall, where the tournament will be played and where athletes will only be able to train on 25 March.

All teams have been able to request a practice slot through an online form. In this form, they detailed their preferences and needs. By 11 March, all these requests were collected and then processed.

The allocation of training slots is a tedious process that is carried out with great care. This process takes into account the available courts, the training hours and the athletes who have applied for training slots.

The process is so delicate that, despite the great professionalism of those who allocate these places, each allocation is reviewed by the event’s Referee.

During the tournament, those athletes who wish to practice, can apply for slots. This is possible from this season thanks to a change proposed by the World Federation, as before, only athletes who were still active in the event could apply for slots.

The long tournaments around the world forced this change, thanks to which it is now easier for them to continue working to give their best in each competition.

If you want to come to the Centro Deportivo Municial el Gallur from 26th to 29th March, you will be able to enjoy these wonderful athletes for free. In addition, you will be able to follow all the matches on the usual digital platforms.

If you can’t resist the temptation to watch the semi-finals and finals live, you can buy your tickets here.

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