The Day-to-day of Badminton Players: Three Different Perspectives

The Day-to-day of Badminton Players: Three Different Perspectives

In the world of badminton, discipline and dedication are key to success. Three pairs of players Spain’s Carlos Piris and Rubén García, Scottish twins Christopher and Matthew Grimley, and China’s Xing Cheng and Chi Zhang; explore the different routines of these elite athletes who come from so different cultures.

Carlos Piris and Rubén García

The international players start early at the Madrid High Performance Centre to adjust their training schedule. Their Mediterranean breakfast reflects their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They acknowledge the importance of resting, although it is not easy for them to accumulate more than 6 hours of sleep at night.

The Spanish duo practice twice a day with a focus on constant improvement, but they also relax with a strong group of friends, many of them training partners, who support them both on and off the court.

Social networks take up an important space in the lives of these young athletes, who claim to be regulars on the TikTok network, fans of influencers like IlloJuan and watch badminton videos on YouTube.

They are also committed to their education, preparing themselves at university for life after sport: Piris is studying computer engineering, while García opted for TAFAD. Looking to the future, the first offers valuable advice to young people: “If you have an opportunity, take it, and you’ll have time to turn back.

Christopher and Matthew Grimley

2,000 kilometres away, the Scottish twins approach their day with a similar basis, but with the nuances of a more European culture. They get up at around 8am, depending on the training. They eat a simple breakfast with toast and cereals, but on weekends they enjoy a traditional Scottish breakfast, connecting with their roots.

Like Piris and García, they do two sessions per day to perfect their game in all aspects, showing great commitment and competitiveness.

Off the court, these brothers nicknamed ‘the badminton twins’ enjoy watching comedies and TV series, and have a particular interest in the Spanish production “La Casa de Papel”. They are inspired by the dedication and skill of Indonesian player Hendra Setiawan.

Xing Cheng and Chi Zhang

They are outstanding Asian badminton players, with an absolute dedication to the sport. They start their day at around 7am, ready for the first of their three training sessions.

With a demanding routine that includes naps and eight to ten hours of sleep at night, Cheng and Zhang strive to maintain a balance between training and rest. Unlike other players, they use their mobile phones less and prefer the social network Douyin, similar to TikTok.

Xing Cheng and Chi Zhang value education highly. Cheng is an avid reader, while Zhang balances high-level sport with his university studies.

Their advice to young people is clear: “Be focused on your goals, the importance of reading, the culture of effort and living a healthy life”.

Young athletes from Europe to Asia show a strong commitment to training, health and balance between their sporting and personal lives. From the Spaniards rooted in the Mediterranean tradition to the Scottish twins who mix sport with moments of relaxation, and the Chinese who represent sporting excellence with a connection to education and reading. Even though each player has his own particularities, they all share an unwavering focus on constantly improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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