The Top 10 Iberdrola, the elite of Spanish badminton

The Spanish badminton league has a strong tradition. Over the years, it has evolved and changed its system, but what has not changed is that we are talking about the elite of the national badminton players.

Players such as Pablo Abián, Kike Peñalver, Carlos Piris and Rubén García, who will take part in the Madrid Spain Masters by Iberdrola, are some examples of this elite. Last year, other athletes such as Nerea Iborra and Claudia Leal also gave their best on the Gallur mats, and they continue to do the same in the national league.

Over the course of ten rounds, the ten teams, divided into two groups, have played round-robin matches. With these duels, the positions of the teams that will battle in the play-offs of the Spanish league have been decided and the relegation matches will also be played.

The ten teams that have been part of this select club this season are: CB IES La Orden, Rinconada Sevilla, Ravachol Pontevedra, Arjonilla, CB Oviedo, CB Paracuellos, Alicante Intercity, CB Granada, UD Ibiza Badminton Pitius and San Fernando Valencia.

This year, two of the flagship teams of this league have once again reached the semi-finals. On the one hand, Rinconada Sevilla, who have played against Ravachol de Pontevedra, playing their first semi-final ever. And on the other, CB IES La Orden, leaded by Pablo Abián, who have faced Arjonilla, from Jaén.

After some very exciting matches, the Iberdrola Club Cup will be disputed between the teams Rinconada Sevilla and CB IES La Orden. The classic final round of the best league.

However, it would not be fair to talk about the Spanish badminton league without mentioning the Primera Nacional. It is made up of 36 teams from all over the country divided into three categories, gold, silver and bronze. Every team plays against all the other teams in its category in four rounds organised in different parts of the country in four weekends.

The team competition offers work and growth opportunities for the teams that nobody wants to miss out on. In addition, these tournaments encourage friendship and healthy competition among the athletes. A different way of experiencing this eminently individual sport.

If you want to try another way of watching the Spain Masters by Iberdrola, don’t hesitate to come to El Gallur Sports Centre. From Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th, access will be free. If you want to watch the semi-finals and finals live, click here to buy your tickets.

If you can’t watch it live, remember that the tournament can be followed on the usual digital platforms.

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