The promotion and dissemination of badminton

There is no doubt that over the years the number of badminton players has grown throughout Spain.

This has been possible thanks to the tireless work of the clubs. Instructors, coaches and the players themselves are the ones who extend the network of players. Beginners’ classes in schools and high schools, open days, promotional events or social badminton programmes, the possibilities are endless. In addition, social networks have also played a key role in getting more and more people interested in the sport. In this context, the world, continental and national federations also support the promotion of badminton. Thanks to programmes such as I am Badminton and Discover Badminton, values such as fair play and inclusion reach everyone. And others, such as Women and Badminton, spread equality. Similarly, Badminton+ supports clubs in the growth of school badminton and the Shuttle Time training programmes support millions of future coaches around the world.

All these programmes have the common goal of spreading fair, equal and inclusive quality sport. Major events such as the Madrid Spain Masters by Iberdrola also boost the promotion of sport. The first promotional event will take place on Monday 25 March at the Palacio de Cibeles, the event will be presented to the city of Madrid. Due to the school holidays, this edition will not include visits from schools in the morning sessions. Last year, the Gallur welcomed hundreds of students who were able to enjoy high-level badminton for the first time.

They also carried out activities with which they were able to try out this sport. At these events, the athletes themselves are promotional figures and not only with their presence. They take photos with fans, sign autographs or take part in events such as the one that Carolina Marin starred in last year with the comedian and scriptwriter Carolina Iglesias. In the last edition of the Spain Masters, Iberdrola wanted to bring the triple world champion a little closer to the public and also give visibility to women’s sport. Marín was tested with a word game and challenged to a match with the presenter. Funny moments that bring the champions and their sport closer to the audience. Everything counts so that badminton gets stronger and stronger and the number of players and fans grows day by day.

Do you want to join the trend? Remember that the event can be followed on the usual BWF and Badminton Spain platforms. But if you want to try to get your favourite player’s autograph, you can go to the Centro Deportivo Municipal El Gallur. From Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th the entrance will be free. To vibrate with the spectacle of the semi-finals and finals, tickets can be purchased by clicking on this link.

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