The gift of badminton

Volunteers are an essential part of a tournament. They are people who selflessly put their skills at the service of sport. This Rocío’s situation, who we asked about her experience at the Madrid Spain Masters by Iberdrola.

Here is her story in her own words…

I was contacted by volunteers from the Spanish Olympic Committee. This time the event was in Madrid and badminton! Press Volunteer, which is what I had chosen, in Madrid Spain Masters 2024 sponsored by Iberdrola, it couldn’t have been better.

In the WhatsApp group with other 60 volunteers, we were catching up to on when and how to arrive, where to pick up the accreditation bracelet and the equipment. Excellent organisation. That’s how it has been during the whole championship, kindness, information and freedom.

Badminton is a rhythmic sport. Waist play, spinning, jumping, flipping, smash, drop, kill…. Gestures that define its speed and energy on the court.

Off the court, no one runs, everything is organisation and calmness, coordinating 349 world class players, referees, doctors, media, audience, etc. This requires just that, order, good disposition and calm. Something that I have learned and experienced in these days, and it has not been the only thing.

I have seen badminton players, fit, strong, flexible and resilient. If they enter the court nervous, they play and play and play until they reach a point where they lose their fears. In doubles you can clearly see how confidence and communication are growing, the pairs (whether mixed – woman and man – or not) perform a passionate dance, they support and encourage each other, what a great example, isn’t it?

Another important detail of the game of badminton is the two opportunities for the players to challenge the decisions of the line judges with what is known as a “Challenge”. With the hawk’s eye, if they are right they keep both options. If not, they lose one, and so on.

Fair play, balanced and respectful to all participants, exactly as it should always be. I thought I should be the one to pass on some of my own experience, on the opposite, I never stop learning. I am enthusiastic and grateful.

Being a volunteer at MSM24 by Iberdrola has been an excellent experience. Sport is very enriching, I had forgotten it, and I have remembered it.

I have already found a senior Badminton team in Madrid!

Thank you very much to all of you

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