The value of volunteers

There is no event that can be organised without the appropriate human workforce. The many professionals who are dedicated to this task in their regular work also count on the help of volunteers. People who, for a few days, put their lives aside to devote themselves to the sport they are passionate about.
In the case of the Madrid Spain Masters, the Madrid Federation received a more than extraordinary response to their call for staff. More than 200 people responded to the call. With this offer, the regional federation had to make a selection of staff according to the needs of the event and chose the people with this knowledge and talents.
In this way, the tournament can count on interpreters of different languages such as Indian, Chinese or English. There are also TAFAD students who collaborate with the promotions, teaching everyone who comes to the Gallur sports centre to enjoy the fastest racket sport in the world.

In addition, this event has had on court line judges from different parts of the national and even international geography, umpires who have left their cards at home to sit in the chair and support the judges of the event.
Heartfelt thanks to all these people who are a fundamental part of the tournament. Without their effort and good humour, it would be much more difficult to pull off a great event like this.


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